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ZONESUN DL-5000 Semi-automatic Powder Filling Weighing Machine

ZONESUN DL-5000 Semi-automatic Powder Filling Weighing Machine

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1. Strong vibration design, fast filling speed and no blocking.            

2. Adopt microcomputer control technology, high accuracy, equivalent to electronic scale weighing.            

3. Accurate weighing, automatic discharging with a foot pedal, convenient and fast.    


Machine name: 5 kg new large capacity packing machine

Package:Wooden Box
Packing range: 20-5000g(adjustable)
Machine material: high quality stainless steel
Hopper size: About 32.2cm*32.4cm*44cm
Machine weight: about 38 kg(without wooden case packing) 
Power consumption: 200 w
Voltage: 220 v / 50 Hz,110 v / 60 Hz(can be customized)
Accuracy: ±5 g
Packing speed: about 5-12 small bags/minutes (depending on the material)
Machine size: 36.3 cm X 66.5 cm X137cm (excluding hopper)



This machine is suitable for packaging tea, food, grain, powder and miniature electronic components such as general non cementation solid particle, whose diameter is from 1.2 to 10mm.



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