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ZONESUN ORT-260 13-16mm Battery Powered Plastic PP/PET Strapping Machine

ZONESUN ORT-260 13-16mm Battery Powered Plastic PP/PET Strapping Machine

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This machine is in beautiful design, easy to operate and carry,.It is suitable for wooden boxes, steel, plates, large-size products.It is suitable for pp/pet straps and works  fast and efficient, and the high quality of this machine is absolutely guaranteed.
Machine model:ORT260
Strap type:PP and PET strap
Strap width:13-16mm
Strap thickness:0.5-1mm (For ORT 260)
Tensioning force: 400-2500N
Tensioning speed:0-220mm/s
Number of straps with one battery:Max 800 pieces
Battery:18V 2.0Ah
Battery charging time:15-30min
1.Fast:regardless of package, size, vertical or horizontal strapping,it can choose fully automatic,semi-automatic or manual working mode. It can weld, and strap cutting  with only one push of a button.
2.Environmentally-friendly: This machine use latest brushless motor engineering with the latest environmentalfriendly battery technology.It is high efficiency ratio,no memory effect and can recharging at any time.
3.Economic:it is  with energy-efficient strapping system,it works for more cycles per battery charge.It is cost efficient and in service-friendly design
For different working mode
1.Fully automatic working mode:it is used for similar packaging or reproducible packaging.It can eliminate operator error.
2.Semi-automatic working mode:It used for controlling the strapping procedure e.g. with edge protection
3.Manual working mode:it is used for different packaging
4.Soft working mode:it used for strapping with PP strap or for fragile packages



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