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ZONESUN ZS-XG450 Custom Semi-automatic Capping Machine

ZONESUN ZS-XG450 Custom Semi-automatic Capping Machine

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This machine is semi-auto capping machine,can save labor and make it easier for tightening or losening the caps of bottles.The working speed is adjustable,if your caps is not with many threads ,then you can adjust to lower working speed for fitting the caps and it won't damage your caps. And this machine is made with a fixing frame,can help you fix the bottle and will not  tipped the bottle over.


Bottle Diameter
Bottle Cap Diameter
10-50mm(Can Customize)
Working speed
20-40 bottles/minute (depending on bottle and caps)
Suitable Bottle Heigh
Working voltage
AC220V/110V 50-60HZ 50W
Package Size
Net Weight/Gross Weight
This machine is suitable the screw pattern flat head plastic cover cap tighten, for example: tobacco tar bottle, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic, beverage bottles; special specifications cap, capping head can be customized according to cap diameter and cap height.
Operation Step
1. Choose rotary cap head according to the size of cap
2. Adjust the height according to the height of bottle
3. Adjust the locating block to move the bottle cap in the center of rotary cap
4. Do trial running and fine adjustment of  height until meeting cap requirements.

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