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ZONESUN ZS-TB4 Flat Surface Label Applicator Square Bottle Labeling Machine

ZONESUN ZS-TB4 Flat Surface Label Applicator Square Bottle Labeling Machine

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ZS-TB4 Manual Labeling Machine
This is a semi-automatic label applicator that makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins, and much more. Labels are applied straight without wrinkles or folds in exactly the location desired. This gives finished products a highly professional look and significantly increases the number of containers that can be labeled per hour versus manually applying labels.


flat surface labeling machine

Easy Controls
The machine is equipped with a PLC that ensures precise control and coordination of the labeling process. This advanced control system allows for efficient and accurate labeling operations.
Movable Platform
The labeling machine features a dynamic platform that moves in synchronization with the product. Once the label is dispensed, the platform smoothly carries the product forward, allowing the label to be applied seamlessly.
flat labeling machine
Easy Setup
The labeling machine is designed to simplify the process of threading labels. It features a user-friendly label threading mechanism that allows for easy insertion and alignment of the label roll.
Easy Operation
The labeling machine features a manual mechanism that is operated by pressing it down onto the product. This mechanism initiates the labeling process and triggers the subsequent actions.
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