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ZONESUN Copper Letter Mold

ZONESUN Copper Letter Mold

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The 10cm T-slot will be included if you buy the full set of letters
letter thickness 7.5-8.0mm
engraving depth : 2.8-3.0mm (customizable)
Letter height: 6mm based on "A"
Full set:
1. Microsofe Elegant Black
Upper case(26)+Lower case(26)+Symbol(21)+Number(10)+Blank(2)=85pcs

2. Times New Roman
Upper case(26)+Lower case(26)+Symbol(21)+Number(10)+Blank(2)=85pcs

3. ALS Script
Upper case(26)+Lower case(26)+Symbol(20)+Number(10)+Blank(1)=83pcs


Buyer reading

1. Please contact us for confirming your design and size before you place an order
2. We need 1-3 days for making molds.
3. Engraving depth: Standard 2.5-3.0mm (3-5mm as customer request)
4. The facial expression is only US $2/pc. Please contact us if you need to customize it.
5. The height of letter is 6mm based on "A". Font "Microsoft elegant black", "Time new roman" and "ALS script" are in stock. Please leave us a message to let us know which font you want.

6. We can customize any letter font. If you need that please send us the font and confirm the size and price with us. There are other fonts for reference below.



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Please notice that only when you purchase the full set of letters, you can get a T-slot.


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