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ZONESUN 200/300/400mm Handheld Direct-heat Sealing Machine

ZONESUN 200/300/400mm Handheld Direct-heat Sealing Machine

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1.It can be used at any place easily and it is handy to carry
2.It can seal a film regardless of its volume  or size
3.With special material for heating wire in heating jaws,the life of  heating wire is much longer than other machine
4.With adjuster for heat temperature,user can control heating temperature according to user's taste
5.With light material for sealing jaws,it is easy to carry it anywhere and to use in narrow place
6.With coating of special strong hardness for sealing jaws,it would not change in appearance for long time using
7.It can seal special material like aluminum film whose apperance  will not be changed for long time,and thick film which is impossible to be seal by impulse sealer



Sealing width:10mm
Sealing length:200mm/300mm/400mm
Temperature control:0-300℃
Heating type:series type
Preheating : ABT 1 Minute

Product Application:

This machine is suitable for coating film,metalized film,laminated film on thermo-plastic film and aluminum film ,foils or varnish film,wax coating film and so on


We also have the same machine with sealing size of 500mm and 600mm, if you need, please contact us.


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