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ZONESUN 4525 Jet Type Heat Shrinking Machine

ZONESUN 4525 Jet Type Heat Shrinking Machine

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The BSP series film wrapping machine is equipped with an alarm for for phase loss, phase dislocation and short circuit. The stainless steel heater and high-power air supply motor make the shrinking furnace heat up quickly, the air flow is large and even. According to the size and output of the product, the conveyor belt speed and the furnace chamber temperature can be adjusted to achieve the best shrinking effect.


1. The electronic governor can adjust the working speed of the conveyor freely.

2. With double-layer insulation, the appearance of the machine will not be too hot.

3. With high temperature resistant insulation curtains which can greatly reduce heat loss.

4. The conveyor chain adopts the solid roller which is with outer package of high temperature resistant silicone tube.This can stand large weight objects and the roller will not be deformed.


Suitable for PVC, PP, POF and other shrink film


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