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ZONESUN Inkjet Printing Machine With Bracket For Production Line

ZONESUN Inkjet Printing Machine With Bracket For Production Line

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Power supply

220V/50HZ, 150VA

Number of lines printed

1-4 lines

Character height

1.5- 18mm

Printing speed

1024 seconds (5*7)

Printing direction

Positive sequence / reverse order / reverse / reverse

Printing distance

the nozzle and the object to be sprayed are kept within 3cm

Printing materials

paper,plastic products,pipes,food bags,metal,glass, paper cups,etc.

Store information

The system can store 1000 print information

Font dot

alphanumeric 5x7 16x16

Machine size

length 370mm width 260mm height 500mm


RS232 serial interface

Ink consumption

70 million words per print (5*7)

Machine weight


Package size


Gross weight



This machine is designed for printing production date, number or batch on products. The printing head can be rotated freely according to production need. It can be used in automatic production line, saving labor cost and improving working efficiency.


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