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ZONESUN HP-241B Semi-automatic Electric Hot Stamp Ribbon Code Printing Machine

ZONESUN HP-241B Semi-automatic Electric Hot Stamp Ribbon Code Printing Machine

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Product brand: ZONESUN
Product model: HP241 Printing Machine
Product power: 110/220V
Equipment size: 310x300x380mm
Printing speed: 20-100 times/min
Working temperature: 0-200 °C
Number of print lines: 1-3 lines can be printed
Number of words printed: One line can hold about 14 letters
Word Type Size:
Single line: Max 4*35, could be equipped with about 15 pcs
Double Line: Max 10*35, could be equipped with about 30 pcs
Three Line: Max 16*35, could be equipped with about 45 pcs
Size: 2*4MM
Preheating time: 5-10 minutes
Requirements for printed materials: The material of the product should be soft, hard materials can not be used.The thickness should not exceed 4 mm.
This equipment is especially suitable for food, medicine and other industries to use thermal printing, with the worry of eliminating ink pollution, to ensure hand and machinery hygiene, clean!
1. The printing is clear. The hot printing tape does not need to be dried, and the printing is clear.
2. Most packaging materials are applicable such as 0K-PT\PE\OPP heat shrinkable aluminum foil paper.
3. It is convenient to change . It adopts a special word-changing structure, which is especially convenient for loading and unloading.
4. Easy to use - reasonable design, precise processing, high quality quality, user assured, easy maintenance.

Ribbon Code Printer can print out bellow contents which shows on the packaging materials, manufacturing date (year, month, day), batch number, expiry date, weight, price, size, producing area, ingredient, additives, constitute, quality, card number, registration mark, manufacturer and so on. And the suitable materials which can be printed on are various, for example, PT, PE, KT, OPP, CPP, aluminium foil, plastic bag, beverage bottle thermal shrinkage trademark, all kinds of plastic composite film, paper, over plastic paper, leather, cloth, packaging container/bag, plastic products and electronic components plastic shell, etc. So Ribbon Code Printer is widely used in the printing fields of foods, drinks, medicine, aquatic product, local special products, cosmetics, electronic components, hardware, chemicals, etc. It can print out clear characters on the soft packaging materials (except rigid package).

1.Simple operation panel,mark clearly and make it easy to operate
2.Two working mode:pedal switch or automatic working mode
3.Ribbon Holder:can fixed ribbons and it is easy to install and replace
4.Removable letter holder:easy to change letters and replace them
5.Adjust printing pressure:the pressure can be adjusted according your materials
6.High quality motor: with great power and can work stably,longer use life
7.Pedal switch: if you don’t want to use automatic mode,you can turn on the switch and choose manually working mode.
8.Adjust the ribbon distance:adjust the nut clockwise,they will get closer,otherwise the distance will get larger.
9.Adjust the ribbon:use the left side screws to adjust the ribbon.Make it tight

Packing list
1xSets of 110 or 220V Ribbon Coding printer
2xRolls of 30mmx100M Black Ribbon
0-9 Number Charactors and letters
1xpedal switch

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