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ZONESUN DB-KZ32 Automatic Pneumatic 19-32mm Steel Belt Strapping Machine

ZONESUN DB-KZ32 Automatic Pneumatic 19-32mm Steel Belt Strapping Machine

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This machine is in combined design, easy to operate and carry,.It is suitable for wooden boxes, steel, plates, large-size products.It is suitable for steel belt and works  fast and efficient, and the high quality of this machine is absolutely guaranteed.
Mode:DB-KZ19/25/32 Strapping Machine
Air Pressure:0.35-0.6Mpa
Steel Belt Width:19/25/32mm
Tensile Strength:larger than 18.4KN
Tensioning Force:larger than 9.8KN/0.6Mpa
Tension Speed:5.3m/min
Machine Weight:15KG
Suitable Strapping Material:Steel Belt
1.This machine can tension,press buckle and cut steel belt,which is integrated operation.
2.This machine is in combined design,which is saving space and portable
3.The machine is made of high quality steel,and with 600Kpa pneumatic power,which makes packaging steel or aluminium pig easier.
4.With hanging design,after finishing the work,you can hang the machine and save space.
5.Larger air cylinder offer powerful output,make the packaging work easier and improve working efficiency.
6.High quality alloy cutting knife,sharp and cut the steel belt neatly.
7.The tensioning force is adjustable for different kinds of strapping material.
8.With reset button,make it conveninent for work,improve working efficiency.
9.With high quality rubber pipe connector,the machine works stably and offer long-term service
10.Adopting lock design,make it safe during operating,ensure the safety of operator.
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