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ZONESUN Automatic Pneumatic 4 Nozzles High Speed Liquid Filling Machine

ZONESUN Automatic Pneumatic 4 Nozzles High Speed Liquid Filling Machine

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Filling Range


1. Vacuum Preventing Leaking System

2. No Bottle or Lack of Bottle, No Filling System

3. Photoelectric Sensor, Mechatronics Filling Adjustment System

4. Photoelectric Sensor, Material Level Control Feeding System

5. Stainless Steel Frame,Plexiglass as Security Cover

6. Control System: PLC/Electronic-Pneumatic Controlled

7. Operation Panel: "Intelligent" Colorful Touch Screen

8. Filling Accuracy:+-0.5%

9. Capacity Adjustment:All cylinders adjusted automatically combine single cylinder adjusted individually.

10.Container transport:Stainless steel frame and engineering plastic plate chain variable speed conveyor, with photoelectric sensor


LW series filling machine adopts the principle of microcomputer control flow design and

produce,is suitable for filling water to medium viscosity products,is the ideal equipment for

general cosmetic, liquor, medicine, food, pesticides,oil factory,etc.

Major Characteristics

1. The flow control devices of each filling head are independent of each other, precision adjustment is very convenient.

2. The material of the machine material contact part can use the food grade material according to the products feature, in line with the GMP standard.

3. With regular filling, no bottle no filling, filling quantity/production counting function etc features.

4. Convenient maintenance,no need any special tools.

5. Using drip tight filling head,no leaking.


The entire structure of filling machine components are stainless steel material.

Connecting tubes are food-grade terflon material with very strong corrosion resistance.

Titanium stud processed by South Korea,its excellent verticality can guarantee the filling head up and down effectively.


This one have can be chosen . have many filling range:5-100ml 10-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 500-3000ml1000-5000ml

If you want the cheaper shipping cost .please contact with us . 


We will test all of the filling machine before send out , so it’s normal that the machine pump and tube with water inside when you receive it. !!!!!!

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