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Zonesun Auto Pack

Zonesun ZS-VGPJ1 Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine | Hydraulic Press

Zonesun ZS-VGPJ1 Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine | Hydraulic Press

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This semi-automatic filling machine is ideal for high-viscosity materials like abrasive pastes, grease, and gels. It features a PLC controller and touchscreen interface for precise control and easy operation. The volumetric metering cylinder and servo motor ensure accurate filling, while the hydraulic system efficiently handles viscous materials. This versatile machine is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment: The hydraulic press automatically adjusts pressure based on the material's viscosity and filling requirements. When activated, the press applies downward force until internal pressure reaches equilibrium, ensuring consistent and controlled filling. Continuous material flow triggers further downward pressure adjustments, maintaining optimal filling conditions.

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