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ZONESUN ZS450 L-Type Shrink Film Wrapping Sealing Cutting Machine

ZONESUN ZS450 L-Type Shrink Film Wrapping Sealing Cutting Machine

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ZS-450 series sealing and cutting machine is one kind of  fully automatic unmanned L-type sealing and cutting machines, which is widely used for  flow production or mass production.It is with high working efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching device,manually adjustable guiding film system and feeding platform.These make sure it can fit with different sizes of products


1. The sealing knife adopts the American DuPont Teflon coating anti-adhesive high temperature resistant aluminum alloy knife, the sealing will not crack, and it will not coke, no smoke and zero pollution.

2.Automatic feeding, the length can also be automatically adjusted under the control of electric eye and timer. It also with an induction motor which can take up scrap automatically

3.It is also with imported detection photoelectric system for horizontal and vertical detection,which is easy to switch from on direction to another, This is good for thin and small packaging

4. This machine adopts digital display temperature controller, and equipped with built-in PID function.The sealing knife temperature is extremely accurate, can be set freely. The sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function to prevent from cutting package incorrectly.

5. It is easy to adjust if we want to change other packaging sizes products.And there is no need to change the mold and the bag former.

6. The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover and an automatic alarm function, which greatly improves the safety of the operator.

 7. The whole set of machines truly realize and connect with the unmanned operation production line well.


It is suitable for shrink packaging of mass production like software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics, beverages, hardware and other industries.


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